Discounted Harps & Limited Editions

The old adage is true, nobody's perfect, but this can be a good thing. Sometimes we finish a harp which has a cosmetic defect or a flaw in the finish. At our shop, we call these harps seconds. These seconds have minor flaws and are perfectly functional in every way allowing us to provide them at a nice discount. This page is the place for imperfect harps, as well as the occasional used or demo harp that has hopes of finding a home with someone who will love them for their imperfections... and especially enjoy their discounted price. We also like to have fun and occasionally make limited edition harps in unique colors or wood combinations. You will find those here too. The harp you see in the photo is the actual harp you will receive. If a particular harp has a cosmetic defect, it will be noted in the harps description page along with photos of the harp. These harps are ready to ship and come with a full warranty