Lunchbox Junior Amplifier

Lunchbox Junior Amplifier


We were in a hurry, threading through the crush of the crowd at the 2018 NAMM Show (the giant trade show for musical instrument manufacturers) when, amidst the din from the nearby booths of some of the world’s biggest amplifier companies, came this warm, loud, clean voice of an acoustic guitar. We stopped. People ran into us. We “swam upstream” to get back to the booth we had just passed and there it was, the Lunchbox Junior. This is a tiny (and we mean TINY) amplifier with a freakishly loud voice. We went back to our booth and got one of our Fullsicle™ Harps. We listened again. We were completely blown away. How could anything this small and this light sound this good? Honestly, we have no idea how ZT does it but we are pleased to be the first harp company to heartily recommend the Lunchbox Junior.

The best part is, the Lunchbox Junior is more than just tiny, it is light too, weighing in at a mere 5 lbs (2.3 kg)! Even better, it has an optional external battery pack which makes it a perfect amp for busking or any harp gig where power is not readily available. OH! And it even has enough power to run 9V output to effects pedals. We are not kidding, this is an incredible amp and a must for gigging harp pros.

With 35W of class D amplification at its disposal—and at sound pressure levels over 117 dB, no less—it's suitable for stage use at small clubs, coffee houses, "society" jazz gigs, and more. The amplifier offers a gain knob, a volume knob, and a tone control, making it rather easy to dial in tones. If you need to power pedals while using the lunchbox junior, there is a 9V power output for this express purpose. A speaker switch allows you to mute the cabinet should you wish to practice through headphones, the operation of which is made available through a 3.5mm output jack. The optional battery pack is powered by eight AA batteries (batteries sold separately). This charger plugs into the 12V port of your Lunchbox Junior, allowing you to play in on-the-go, outlet-free situations for just over two hours at a clip. It can also be connected to a standard power outlet with the included power plug (cable length is 1 ft). Plus comes with a Carrying Bag

  • Pro-quality tone from a combo amp which measures only 6.5” x 7.75” x 4.4” (165 mm x 197 mm x 112 mm)

  • 5 lbs (2.3 kg)

  • 35W RMS Class D Amplification

  • 1x5" Speaker capable of 117 dB SPL

  • Optional 12V external battery pack so you can take the Lunchbox Junior anywhere (It’s perfect for busking). Up to 2 hours of play time on eight AA batteries

  • 9V Power Output for Powering Pedals

  • Switchable 115V/230V for international travel

What’s in the box

  • ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Junior Combo Amplifier

  • 1 ft power plug

  • Lunchbox Junior Battery Pack

  • Lunchbox Junior Carry Bag

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Huge Sound, battery powered-option & Pedal Power

The Lunchbox Junior is an incredible-sounding, pro-grade, mini portable guitar amp. This amp can be powered by a regular wall outlet or on the go with the ZT Battery Pack or Car Adapter Cable (both sold separately). It also has a 9V power output to drive your pedals! You can run your whole rig without an outlet in sight and still generate up to 117 dB, making this the perfect mix of portability and power.

The Junior doesn’t have the Lunchbox’s super high output capability, but it still puts out rich tone and a surprising amount of volume for a small amp only half the size and weight of the ZT Lunchbox amp (5 lbs! talk about lightweight!). Jazz players love it for mid-volume gigs, and it’s great for recording and home use because it takes up almost no space, and it sounds so much bigger than it is. With simple yet flexible controls that take you from warm and mellow to hyper-fuzz, it's just an all-around fun amp.

The Junior received a Premier Gear award from Premier Guitar magazine in 2012. In the review, Matthew Holliman wrote, “The size-to-volume ratio is nothing short of remarkable. There is a fantastic, tube-like warmth that you just don’t hear in many solid-state rigs…I heard a character-rich set of overtones and each note had a pleasing roundness.” Jake Kelly of American Songwriter wrote in his review: "I've had situations where this portable amp would have been the way to go without giving up any tone. Frankly, I've been lugging around too much amp."
No matter what other amps you own, the ZT Junior is a must have, especially if you need a portable, battery-powered amplifier kit in your stable!


  • Custom designed ultra-power 5" speaker
  • 9V Output to power effects pedals
  • 12V Power Input (for optional battery power use)
  • Headphone out (1/8”)
  • Aux in (1/8”)
  • Switchable 115V/230V


  • 35W Class D power amplifier
  • Peak Output: 117 dB at 1 meter
  • Dimensions:  6.5" x 7.75" x 4.4"/165mm x 197mm x 112mm
  • Weight: 5 lbs./2.3kg


  • Volume, Tone, Gain, Speaker On/Off