"Easter" Egg Hunt

 Mercy Noe, "I said NO COMMENT!!!"

Mercy Noe, "I said NO COMMENT!!!"


This is a Criminal.

Update - Tuesday, 14 August 2018 - There is still room for some winners so go ahead and play, play, play!

We know, Mercy Noe LOOKS harmless. She LOOKS darling. It's all a lie. Originally, this office bunny was named "Mercy" but because everyone said, "Mercy, NO!" so many times, her name was formally changed. We added the "e" because she thinks it's cool.

We suspect you doubt us so here is Mercy Noe's rap sheet:

iPhone power cord snicking (misdemeanor conviction)

iPhone power cord snicking (2nd misdemeanor conviction)

Christmas tree light snicking (3rd misdemeanor conviction) - this one involved serious commitment because we think she had to hop up into the low branches of the tree

Duvet cover hole chewing (felony conviction)

Laptop backpack strap chewing (felony conviction)

Duvet cover hole chewing - new duvet (felony conviction)

Throughout the site we have hidden thirteen photos of Mercy Noe in action. If you can find twelve of the thirteen you will receive $50 credit toward your next purchase. Each photo has a number and a title. Just enter the title on the correct line of the form below. (It will be easiest if you keep track of the numbers and titles on a separate piece of paper and then enter them onto the form all at once.)

In order to locate one of the hidden photos you will have to click on lots of links but don't worry about rushing, you have until midnight Eastern (US time) on 20 August 2018 to submit your form.

The Rules: The first fifty (50) people, between now and 20 August at noon (Eastern, US), who submit twelve correct answers on the form included on the form on this page will receive a fifty dollar ($50) credit toward their next purchase from either this site or our Rees Concert Line Harps site. All prizes will be awarded after the contest closes. Only retail customers are eligible. You may enter more than once but each person is limited to one $50 credit. You may use your credit anytime between 20 August 2018 and 20 August 2019. Winners will receive an email with their individual credit code on 20 August 2018.

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