Harpsicle® Harps Website Birthday Bash!

Welcome to our brand new website for our Rees Harpsicle® Harps! We launched the new website for our Rees Concert Line Harps last year so we are just thrilled to have this big, new Harpsicle® Harps site ready for launch as well. The best part is, this is just the beginning. We have a lot of exciting things in the works and will have lots more to share with you in coming months. We hope you will sign-up for our mailing list so you will be among the first to know when new things happen. (If you received an email from us about the Birthday Bash, you don't need to sign-up; you are all set.)

We want to send out a special thank you to those of you who have been here during the past two months and who have been so patient as we rolled out changes, fixes and typo repairs during soft launch (aka "beta"). You know who you are and we truly appreciate all the emails sent which have assisted us in improving the site.

Two BIG Contests You Can Enter Now:

Which all serves to bring us to our Website Birthday Bash Celebration! We have two different contests which you can start on immediately. The first is the Easter Egg Hunt and the really REALLY big one is the Birthday Bash Quiz. If you are the lucky winner of the Birthday Bash Quiz we will send you one of our brand new 34-string, Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps!!! Look further down this page for more on both of these. Entries close on 20 August 2018 at 12 noon Eastern (US) time.

Pop-up Games:

We will also have a couple of pop-up games which will be announced at noon at least twice between now and noon on the 20th so you might want to check back each day around noon (Eastern US) if you can. There will be prizes for these too!!!

Door Prizes:

Aaaaannnndddd...we will be drawing, daily, from those who have signed-up for our mailing list during the Birthday Bash. (Don't worry, if you are already signed-up we will take out any doubled addresses after the contest ends.) You are eligible to win a door prize if your name is randomly selected between 10 August and 20 August 2018. Once you have signed-up your name is eligible to be selected through the conclusion of the contest.

 This is a criminal.

This is a criminal.

Contest #1 - The "Easter" Egg Hunt

Update - Tuesday, 14 August 2018 - There is still room for some winners in this contest! Play to win!! 

This contest is fun and a unabashedly silly.

The Challenge:  Throughout this site we have placed links which will take you to photos of Mercy Noe, our resident criminal. Be among the first fifty people to catch Mercy Noe in twelve compromising situations and win $50 in credit toward any purchase on this site or our Rees Concert Line Harps site! We have made this one pretty easy so that lots of you will win, win, win! Read the rules below and then go here to get started. Hoppy Hunting!!

The Rules:  The first fifty (50) people, between now and 20 August at noon (Eastern, US), who submit twelve correct answers on the form included on the "Easter" Egg Hunt page will receive a fifty dollar ($50) credit toward their next purchase from either this site or our Rees Concert Line Harps site. All prizes will be awarded after the contest closes. Only retail customers are eligible. You may enter more than once but each person is limited to one $50 credit. You may use your credit anytime between 20 August 2018 and 20 August 2019. Winners will receive an email with their individual credit code on 20 August 2018.

Go here to begin!

Contest #2 - Birthday Bash Quiz - Win a New Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp

See below for the complete answers and news about an additional harp we will be giving away to one more lucky person!

 Michaela's winning submission came in at 8:1 1PM (ET US) on 10 August 2018. 

Michaela's winning submission came in at 8:11PM (ET US) on 10 August 2018. 

We have kept the original quiz Challenge and Rules information here as reference.

No joke. We are giving away one of our brand new 34-string Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps valued at $2480!!! We are even throwing in one of our terrific American-made Harp Bags so that you can easily take your Brilliant!™ everywhere you want to go.

The Challenge: Be the first to correctly answer all twenty-five questions in the Brilliant! Quiz below and you will win the harp and bag. We will build it for you in your choice of color! Be aware that while some questions are very straight forward, others are tricky. This quiz is meant to be challenging but worth the effort! 

The Rules:  The first person to answer all twenty-five questions correctly will win the harp and bag. The harp will be built to order and shipped when finished. The only cost to the winner will be shipping and any duties required by the country of destination. If there is no winner by noon Eastern (US) on 20 August 2018 the person with the greatest number of correct answers will win. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person submitting the earliest response form of the two which are tied. You may enter multiple times. When we respond, we will tell you how many questions were not correctly (or fully) answered but not which questions are incorrect. We will try to respond as quickly as possible but we do sleep so we will only be able to get back to you between the hours of 9AM and 9PM Eastern time (US). Only retail customers are eligible to win but don't worry dealers, we have something special planned for you soon!


Answers to the Harpsicle® Harps Website Birthday Bash Quiz

Several of you came SO close and a couple of you were just right behind the winner so I first want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who worked and played so very hard! This was really a challenging quiz and it required a combination of humor, careful reading and a sharp eye to navigate through to the end. My hat is off to you all.  

IMPORTANT:  for all those who submitted at least one form with at least twenty questions answered (not correct, just answered) you will be entered in a special drawing this week. Each form you submitted prior to noon on 11 August will be included in the drawing so those of you who submitted over and over will have more than one opportunity to win! Your effort impressed our team so much that we are going to do a random drawing for a Fullsicle™ Harp. Really, people, you were incredible. Take a bow! - Pamela

Without further adieu, here are the answers which drove you so crazy...

1. Which of our harps is noted as being best for quick escapes? The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp, I accepted "Brilliant" as well. Anyone who watched the Brilliant! video got this one and, we hope, laughed as well. BTW, Ellie the puppy is growing like a weed. Now, as Melissa says, she most closely resembles a chocolate gazelle. 

2. To which models can you add Upgraded Bass Strings?  The intended answer is the Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™ and Fullsicle™ Harps. I also accepted, but did not require, Harpsicle® Harp because it is possible but the website does not say so. The problem was the Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp. The Upgraded Bass Strings some standard on the SE so they should not have been included in the answer but I realized, after seeing the SE included in the answers of a number of people, that because the website says that you can purchase Upgraded Bass Strings for the SE, that adding the SE into this answer needed to be accepted as well. As a general note, you can purchase Upgraded Bass Strings on the site as a replacement set for worn bass strings on SE harps.

3. Of the amplifiers we carry, which can be battery powered? The Lunchbox Junior and the Loudbox Mini Charge were the intended answers. Some people also included the WIC and as long as they also had the other two, I accepted the answer.

4.  Which video has added animation? The intended answer was Spider Theme by Ivan Solas and if you have not watched it you really MUST, it is just wonderful and you will smile. I was reminded, by one sharp-eyed competitor, that there is also animation at the end of Ivan's Lumiere Tales video, River Flows in You. A large number of people confused titles for animation but I really was looking for actual animation.

5. Which accessory purposefully makes it easy to take your harp hiking? Lots of folks answered "strap" or "harp bag" but only one accessory, the Deluxe Harp Bag, "purposefully" makes it easy to hike with your harp and that is because the Deluxe bag has backpack straps.

6. There is no standard in string count or string spacing for harps. What is our theory about why this is so? WOW! I completely screwed-up on this one!!! The answer I was looking for was "because Irish luthiers got drunk," and it was tricky because the answer was not on a page about strings, it was at the top of the bags page. For those of you who cleverly sussed this out, you apparently have the same sense of humor as I do. Perhaps you should be worried. All that being said, I quickly realized that this question really was too misleading because there were a variety of correct answers that had to do with actual harp design and ergonomic parameters. In the end I accepted absolutely everything which was even in the ballpark. I particularly appreciated those of you who read enough that you were able to give rather lengthy but quite erudite responses. That level of knowledge will serve you in the future.

7. What is the difference between the 911-HARP Care Kit for the Grand Harpsicle® Harp and the Murphy's Law Package for the Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp? Okay, folks, THIS was one of the questions which I intended to be difficult. Virtually everyone immediately responded that the Murphy's Law Package adds the chromatic tuner, the tuner battery and an extra tuning wrench. What almost no one did was to slow down enough to recognize that the last thing is right there in the question itself, the Murphy's Law Package for the Brilliant!™ has a different string set than the 911-Harp Care Kit for the Grand. I know, I can hear dozens of you facepalming yourselves right now. 

8. Can a US airline legally prevent you from flying with a Harpsicle® Harp in the passenger compartment as a carry-on? Why? The answer I was looking for was, no, they can't and that this is because of US 112-95, the 2012 Federal law which provides for, among many other things, instruments like violins and guitars to be carried-on. However, there were two respondents who answered that airlines can stop any carry-on once the available stowage space is filled. While the website does not say this, it is a legally correct answer so I accepted it.

9. What is the range of the WIC? I accepted any of the following:   100 ft, 304.8 cm and 20 - 20,000 Hz. Good for those of you who actually read the WIC specs!

10.  What is your favorite photo on this site? I accepted all answers to this and LOVED the variety of the responses. With the exception of the bunny fans (obviously, my favorite people LOL!) there were no duplicates. You all liked different things!

11.  Is sales tax required on harps shipped outside of Indiana but within the United States? Not now but the US Supreme Court ruled, in June, and internet sales will be taxed by states in the very near future. Because I speak to this in some detail on the site (here and again here), I was looking for both "no" and some reference to the SCOTUS ruling which is why in the instructions for this question I said "We are looking for more than a one word answer here."

12. What is the difference between a "harper" and a "harpist"? I accepted a LOT of latitude on this but I was looking for a clear understanding that the terms were not related to the gender identification of the player. I also did want (but did not require) to see a mention that the term "harpist" is becoming less strictly identified with pedal players and often used to identify anyone who plays harp. BTW - for those of you who referred to "non-pedal" harps, grrrrrrrr! Harps are harps, pedal harps ADD pedals, not the other way around. Harps without pedals are not harps that have subtracted pedals. (Apologies! That is a personal tender spot for me.)

13.  What laughs at you behind your back and why? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I received hilarious answers to this as well as some anguished responses from those who knew both the answer and the pain. The answer is "door frames" and "because harps are magnetically attracted to them". It is right here on the site.

14. Name three places, noted on the site, where you should never keep your harp. Additional funny answers will not earn extra points but will be appreciated. Any three of the following:  direct sunlight, in a hot car, near a wood stove, in the direct path of a heater or AC vent. Also, to the couple of you who took the time to add funny answers, thank you, I needed that!

15. Why is it especially important for harpers to understand amplification? I allowed lots of latitude on this. The most straightforward answer is because even if there is a professional sound person at the venue where you are playing, they have no clue how to amplify harps. You need to be the expert. But, I also accepted any version of the complexity of harp acoustics and how critical it is to understand this so you can properly amplify your harp.

16. What is the most important thing which goes into the building of your harp?  The design and craft of the lutherie. I accepted anything which basically expressed the same thing.

17. Of the music we sell, which contain the piece "Gavotte"? I admit it, this is the other question intended to be really, really tricky. Here's the thing, there is not a typo in that sentence. If the answer was singular it would be "...which containS the piece...". So, I was looking for more than one item for the complete and correct answer. Gavotte is in the Easy Classics set and all of you got that. What most of you missed is that the Easy Classics set is part of two special packages, Music! - Package 1 and Music! - Package 2. For the very, VERY few of you who sussed that out, take a bow, you are true trivia rock stars! For the rest of you I only have this to say: Bwhahahahaha! (Sorry!)

18. Who supervises a number of our videos? Okay, this one shocked me. I had no idea it would be so difficult. The answer is MarMar the cat. Melissa actually mentions that MarMar is supervising her during the Harpsicle® Adjustable Stand video and there is also a photo on that same page which is captioned and mentions MarMar's supervisory responsibilities. Still, only a handful of people actually got this one and I'm honestly not quite sure why. What I am sure of is all the hilarious answers I received from various people who kept trying so hard to get this one. For those of you who answered that my husband, William Rees, supervises, I'll tell you that William is the master of our fabulous (I can say that because I have nothing to do with it, it's all William) Instagram feed, HarpsicleHarps, but he barely looks at the website because his days are already jammed with the new and exciting things going on in the shop. Shhhhhh! We will have a LOT more news on this really soon. 

19. In places with naturally high humidity, why can harps still suffer from cracking due to dry air? Because air conditioning cools air and cool air carries less water. I accepted anything which basically described this. Almost everyone got this question and I am really glad. It's important for everyone to understand that just like heat, air conditioning can be a harp killer in some instances. 

20. How serious are Camille Fournier and Garen Rees? Answer: very.  It's really tough to get people to go to a warranty page. I thought a funny photo would help.

21. Why don't we use spruce for our soundboards? Any two of the following:  fragility, instability, environmentally irresponsible, poplar sounds better. This one was easy and most people got it but I wanted to emphasize the point so that's why it's in the quiz.

22. If your soundboard bows up should you call us right away? Bless you! Almost everyone answered "no," which was correct. All well-made lever harps are designed to belly-up. Now if we can just spread the word on that concept we will receive fewer panicked calls on the subject. :) For the person who said, "I think you mean "blow up," let me say that if I had then the answer is YES.  RIGHT AWAY! If your harp soundboard blows-up absolutely call us!!!

23. What happens if you change the type or the range of strings on a harp that we have built? Any version of "the harp can be damaged" was accepted as was any version of "the warranty is voided." I also accepted "WHAT INSANE PERSON DOES THAT!" (they also added that it voided the warranty.)

24. What is Carlos' full name, title and what is his patented move? Those who found their way to the blog page correctly answered Carlos Lop-ez, International Bunny of Mystery and the Carlos Woosh. Those of you who did not find the blog page usually answered with very kind words about professional Latin harper, Carlos Reyes who is, anyone who has heard him can agree, a Harp God. I will be sure to pass your kind thoughts on to Carlos Reyes. As for Carlos Lop-ez, he's right here.... Carlos? Nope...never mind. Woosh!

25. On this site we show people from all over the world playing our harps. List ten of the countries included. If you get all 23 countries you will receive a bonus point which we will use in place of another question you may have missed. Be carful in that we define "country" in accordance with the way the United Nations defines countries so some places folks think of as countries are not (for now at least.) Let me begin by saying that Instagram, which is I-don't-even-know-what; Hong Kong, which is part of China; and Wales, which is (shall I say "currently") part of the United Kingdom, are not countries. Many people would define them as nations but not countries. It's confusing but you were forewarned. Also, there were actually twenty-four but you only needed twenty-three. Here they are:

Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States


Again, to everyone who participated, let me just say, again, thank you! I hope you had more fun than pain! - Pamela Rees