"Artist Series" Fullsicle™ Harp - Cross

"Artist Series" Fullsicle™ Harp - Cross


New! This harp is handcrafted of maple wood, features a lovely hand cut cross and has upgraded bass strings and full levers which makes the complete range of lever harp music available. This harp can be played in 8 keys, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A and E and the relative minors.  For an additional cost upgrades can be installed. Comes with tuning wrench and string chart. (Stand not included. Depending on your computer calibration or lighting color may vary.)

• 26 strings

• 6.2 lbs (2.81 kg)

• 36" tall (91.44 cm)

• 2 year warranty

• 3.5 octaves

• G to C below Middle C

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