Not fooled.

I’ll admit it, I don’t understand this April Fools thing at all. As best I can tell, one of two things is the case either April Fools Day was invented by people without noses, or my people are just too busy to give it enough thought. It has to be one of these because, WOW, the “joke” played on me on Monday morning sure fell flat.

The “joke” was based on something called the “What the Fluff” challenge. I have been told that some dogs really buy it and have what for them must be embarrassing reactions (look up #whatthefluff and you’ll find plenty of compilation videos… but I found one for you to watch. Poor Pug…)

For me it was just silly because the answer was, literally, as plain as the nose on my face. Seriously, people. I knew right where my pack leader was the whole time because even though I suddenly could not see him, I could smell him. Duh!

Enjoy their attempt…


The only other option I can see it that my humans are just too busy. There is a LOT of new and cool stuff going on at work. Here is a trial run of the our laser. Pretty exciting, isn’t it.

I guess I’ll find out next year if the humans can get their act together. If not, maybe I’ll have to play a trick on them. (Shhhhhh!)