Ordering - Frequently Asked Questions

(Clockwise) Garen Rees, Rebecca Brown, Ashley Rohrbach and Melissa Irwin. These are the highly skilled Rees Harps professionals who answer your calls and emails

(Clockwise) Garen Rees, Rebecca Brown, Ashley Rohrbach and Melissa Irwin. These are the highly skilled Rees Harps professionals who answer your calls and emails


Is the web server secure?

Yes. We recently switched providers in order to ensure that we had the most up-to-date and deep secure encryption available. Our provider has never been successfully hacked.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is due upon placement of your order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

On-line we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal. We accept domestic checks and, if you are picking-up your harp, cash. We also accept both domestic and international wire transfers.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We collect sales tax on all sales delivered within the State of Indiana. The US Supreme Court has just ruled that states can require the payment of sales tax on internet sales. We are waiting to learn what that means but are confident that in short order all US states will pass the legislation to require the sales tax on all domestic sales. If we ship to you outside of the United States your country may require duty or VAT.

Why are international dealer prices higher than the ones on this site?

Our international dealers order our harps in groups in order to reduce the cost of shipping and things like brokerage fees. Additionally, in applicable countries, they pay VAT and other taxes when the harps come into their country. The prices we post on our website are just the price for the harp itself, no shipping, brokerage or taxes are included. Your local dealer most likely has these things already built into their prices so you can see the real price of the harp and there will not be any surprises. All of our dealers are very conscientious about their pricing and when you order through them you are receiving the best pricing possible.

How long does it take to build my harp?

Our lead time changes quite often. Check in periodically as they change during our busy times. Currently harp orders may take 2-4 weeks to build. Special Edition harps take 5 - 6 weeks. Grand Harpsicle® Harp orders take 8 weeks and Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps take 8 - 10 weeks. Build times may vary depending upon on our current production schedule and the time of year. If you would like a harp in time for a specific holiday or birthday, please order well in advance. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to know what harps we currently have available for immediate shipment. We will try our best to complete your order as soon as possible without rushing the building process. Please understand that we are a small company and every harp is conscientiously and carefully handmade by us.

What happens if my harp is not on schedule?

We try very hard to deliver each harp on schedule but upon occasion, for any number of reasons, it is simply not possible to finish a harp on time. In this case, we ask you to remember that we are a small company, handcrafting every single instrument we make. If your harp is behind schedule please know that we are already staying late, coming in early or calling vendors daily to get things moving as quickly as possible. What we will not do is rush your harp. It is our firm belief that late is better than wrong or faulty. We strive for perfection with every voice in every harp and that takes time.

How safe is it to ship my harp?

Very, very, very few harps have been damaged in our more than forty-five years of business. We ship everything fully insured. Should the worst happen our office will coordinate everything with you and deal with the shipper. If the damage is minor and the harp can be repaired to new, we will do that immediately. If this is not the case then your replacement harp jumps to the top of our build queue and we get a new one to you as quickly as is reasonably possible. None of the additional shipping involved will be charged to you.

How will my harp ship?

Harps shipping domestically ship with the US Postal Service. We use USPS Priority Mail International, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, FedEx and a combination of other well-established shippers to move our international shipments. Everything goes by air.  Transit time is usually 3 to 5 days in the United States and 6 to 10 days internationally. International delivery times may be extended due to customs processing. 

Will I be notified when my harp ships?

Yes. We will email you when your harp is shipped.

What happens if I am not at home when my harp arrives?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we send the harps out signature required, meaning someone must be home to sign for the harp. If no one is there, the delivery company will leave a notice for you. However, no matter what we do there are times when an individual delivery person will leave a box without a signature even though that is not what is required on the paperwork. Insurance would, of course, cover any losses but we strongly recommend that you use a delivery address where you can be sure someone will be available to receive the harp.

How much does it cost to ship my harp in the continental United States?

Right now we are charging a flat rate of $65 to ship Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, Fullsicle™ and Special Edition Fullsicle™. The Grand Harpsicle® Harps are a flat $220. The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps are a flat $300.

How much does it cost to ship my harp to Hawaii or Alaska?

We can't really have a flat rate for Hawaii and Alaska so until further notice we will provide a specific shipping quote to these states.

How much does it cost to ship my harp internationally?

We are using a flat rate of $120 for Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, Fullsicle™ and Special Edition Fullsicle™. The Grand Harpsicle® Harps are a flat $475. The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps are a flat $575.

For other cost, prices vary by country and associated brokerage fees. Taxes, like VAT, will be collected by your country and we have no control over those amounts. Shipping costs do not include taxes, duties, or other charges that may be incurred by your country's customs office upon arrival. These charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Unfortunately, we do not know what these charges will be, as they are different for every country. For more information please contact your country's customs office.

Grand Harpsicle® Harps and Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harps shipping internationally ship via airfreight to the customer's closest international airport (terms are CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid.) The is the most cost efficient way to ship a box of this size. The airfreight company will notify the consignee (the receiving customer) when the harp arrives. Pick-up from the airport is required and is the responsibility of the customer. If delivery door-to-door is necessary, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote. Please understand that this quote will be quite high and we have absolutely no control over that cost.