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LED Lights
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LED Lights
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LED Lights

Having LED lights under the arch of your harp is one of those fun options we love offering. The lights change into 20 colors and have five speeds with eight brightness levels so the variations seem endless. The lights are battery operated and the three AA batteries are hidden inside the soundbox of your harp.

If you already have your harp, we can send you the LED Light Kit which includes complete installation instructions.


LED Lights in yellow.

LED Lights in green.

LED Lights in pink/

Color-matched Finish Pens - Coming SOON!!!!

If you have ever carried a harp anywhere, you know the truth. Oh, science can deny it! Non-harp owners can scoff. But you know, we all know—harps are magnetically attracted to door frames. And the result of this until now unspoken truth? The finish of your harp is marred. (Also, the doorframe is laughing at you behind your back but there's simply nothing we can do about that.) For whatever bumps and bruises your harp acquires along the way, we can provide some help.

If you have a Harpsicle® line harp that was made in 2018 or later, it has a stain finish. If you have a colored Harpsicle® line harp made in 2017 or earlier, it has a painted finish. We are in the process of finalizing all of our stains and hope to offer pens for them soon. Of course, a repaired section never looks like the original un-marred finish but we have found the closest possible match for you. For painted harps we recommend using the closest matching acrylic craft paint you can find as our paints have varied in colors over the years.

If your harp is natural maple, cherry or walnut, you do not need to match the color since the wood is solid. If you have seriously marred one of these harps, you can get step-by-step instructions for repair here.