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General Harp Maintenance

My harp is not holding tune +

Is your harp brand new? If so, this is normal. Your harp needs to go through a break-in period. Read more about keeping your harp in tune and getting your harp settled into its voice. After this your harp will hold its tune for long periods of time. Don’t know how to tune? You can learn to do that here. Is your harp an older harp? Check to see if you have slipping pins here.

I have a buzz +

We have all faced that annoying sound-the buzz… luckily it’s usually an easy fix. Just annoying to find. Follow these steps to be rid of that pesky sound.

I found a crack +

Cracks in stringed instruments can have a variety of causes. Some cracks are harmless and cosmetic, some are a danger to your harp. Read this article to prevent cracking in your harp.

My soundboard is "bellying-up" +

That is what it is meant to do. Read more about soundboards here.


My string pops off the bridge pin when I engage the lever +

If your string pops off the bridge pin when you engage the lever follow this video tutorial.

I have a string that sounds funny +

If you have a rebellious string that is sounding dull, it is likely that string has become dead. With nylon strings it is not very common, however if this happens we recommend you change the string. If you have never changed a string you can follow these steps. To order strings you can do so here.


Levers and hardware

My sharping Levers are not in Tune +

Levers are said to be regulated when there is a half-step up in tone between being unengaged and being engaged. Over time and due to the natural process of aging, lever harps can come out of regulation, but have no fear! You can follow these steps to regulate your harp at home. Need a regulation kit? You can purchase that here.

My tuning pin is loose +

Tuning pins can become loose over the years due to multiple different reasons, but 99% of the time these issues are easy to fix and any harper can manage in just a few minutes following these instructions.

My Eyelet is loose or stuck in soundboard +

Over time the eyelets in your harp can become loose and dig into the wood. Don’t panic. This is an easy fix and is common in all harps. This happens from changes in humidity and temperature. (Instructions coming soon.)


My pickup system is not working properly +

We have had various pickup systems through the years so there are two different scenarios for your system. Currently our systems use batteries. If you have been using your pickup for a while, the battery may need to be replaced. However, some of our systems were rechargeable. If your system came with a charging cable, then try plugging it into the charger for a few minutes. If you need to purchase a new charger, let us know. If you are not sure what system you have, send us a photo of your pickup and we can better advise at

My light kit is not working properly +

First check the wires. Temporarily turn off the power and make sure everything is connected. If the wires are connected and you have had the kit for a while, replace the battery. If this still does not work give us a call and we can try to help narrow down the problem.

I do not know how to use my accessory +

We have instructional videos on our accessories to help you quickly get to what is important… playing your harp.