A Casual Drive

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I have an important job: Enthusiasm Coordinator. It takes a special dog to be able to be happy all the time - enough so that it spreads contagiously among everyone at Rees Harps. This work can be tiring, and sometimes I just need to take a vacation.

William could tell I needed some time away, so he took me for a ride last week. I love rides in the car. There is absolutely nothing better or more fun than going for a sunny drive with my pack leader! This drive was different than most. We didn’t go to the dog park or to the vet (shivers down my spine with that thought!) No. This one was different. William lowered the window down so I could stick my head out, let my ears flop in the breeze, sniff the delicious smells of the newly bud leaves and blooming flowers. Mmm. It was glorious. The best part: he wasn’t driving fast! He was going nice and slow so I could sniff every smell and see every squirrel. Mmmm. I am reliving it just thinking back to that wonderful ride. Mmmmm.

While on the drive, we came across an old, closed railroad grade. After a lot of begging and hand licking, I finally convinced William to let me explore. I got to run and sniff, chase squirrels and find sticks. It was really really really cool to walk down the old tracks. And just what I needed.

When we got back to work, I was refreshed and ready to keep the air light and fun. And I immediately went and played my favorite game ever - a game of hide and seek with Melissa in shipping boxes. It was great!