Thanksgiving. This is my very first one and I can already tell it is going to be my FAVORITE holiday. Waking up with my pack leader (that’s William to all of you) close by and then downstairs to the smell of my super special Thanksgiving dinner (made just for dogs!) – mmmmmmm…. Helping Pamela in the kitchen was nice because it smelled like turkey all day. It didn’t take me long, though, to figure out that I could smell it from the front room too. This was perfect because I wanted to catch my special show on the TV - aren’t those dogs in the dog show just perfect? Maybe one day I will meet a dog show winner and we can fetch and play with sticks and wrestle and sleep and jump and play and…. Sorry, I got distracted! What was I talking about?..?..? Oh yeah! Thanksgiving! So, after the dog show was over, I went outside to help my pack leader pick-up after a storm. Next, we were off to the park to meet-up with my friends Sadie and Angela. I LOVE playing with them! We have So. Much. Fun together!

There is so much to get excited about on Thanksgiving. I wanted you all to be a part of it, so I asked William to make a video of my amazing day. Enjoy!!