Mew the Cat Hacks in

WOW! Are dogs stupid! Like I couldn’t guess that Ellie’s password for her blog would be “William.” Clearly, cats are superior in every way, including our well-developed computer skills. Why, I can walk across a keyboard and hit “delete” with the best of them. It doesn’t matter what you think is important or how many hours you have been working on that document, you take your eyes off the keyboard for one second and “BAP!”…project deleted.

You know what annoys me? Ellie. Ellie annoys me. She’s so full of energy and loves the humans way too much. I mean, come on, who enjoys that much attention from them?!? Certainly not me. As long as my staff provides fresh food, clean water and a clean letterbox, I’m good to go. No touchy the kitty, folks!

I am a bit frustrated however. A few weeks ago, I tried tricking Ellie. One day she was going on and on (and on and on) about wanting even MORE friends (Apparently “everybody” isn’t quite enough for little Miss Needy.) So, I decided to convince her to write a personal ad to try and get as many friends from across the world as she could. Little did she know that her “personal ad” was just a blog post on the Rees Harps and Harpsicle® Harps websites. HA! Best part: it worked! That gullible dog actually published the thing! Unfortunately, she figured it out and you know what? She actually likes posting! So now she is blogging WEEKLY. Pffffftttttt! What a disaster!

Fortunately, I have her password now so I’ll just hack in whenever I like and take over her blog for a day. That’ll show her!

Watch you’re back, Ellie! I’m watchin’ you….