Personal Ad

Name: Ellie Rees

Height: 21 inches (at my shoulder)

Weight: 47 lbs

Age: 9 months

Employed As: Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator

Interested in: playing, CAR RIDES, my BUNNY BUDDIES, friendly SQUIRRELS, walks, wrestling with anyone who will let me gnaw on their hand, playing HIDE AND SEEK, doing my training exercises (especially since there are treats involved), and protecting my family from sneak attacks by PINK DRAGONS (we all know how crafty they can be!)

Looking for: Friends!! Buddies large and small!! (I really really hope you’ll swipe RIGHT to be my new FRIEND!!!)

About me: Hi!! I’m Ellie!! I'm what they call a "golden doodle" but everyone seems to think I got a LOT more poodle than golden retriever. I guess my color is probably the first clue! When I grow up I will be a service dog and have the really important job of taking care of William Rees from Rees Harps. I supervise William. William thinks he is in charge but all it takes is a good dose of "guilt eyes" and there we are at the park! William and his team make harps so that other people can have fun and play beautiful music. I'm an important part of the team because I bring the energy. They say, "enthusiasm" is my middle name though, I have to admit, my ID tag just says "Ellie." I also keep close tabs on all the other animals at the Rees shop (especially that cat, Mew...). OH! I almost forgot, I starred in my first blockbuster hit this summer. I was only four months old at the time. The movie is called Harpsicle Harps presents the Brilliant! Give me a WOOF if you liked my leading performance in it! In my free time, I like to watch Bunny TV (don’t we all) and patrol for those pink dragons I mentioned earlier (one can never be too careful where they are concerned).