So Embarrassed

Well, I was duped! That darn cat, Mew, tricked me into thinking my last post was an ad on, but instead it was shared for the WHOLE WORLD to see on various Rees Harps and Harpsicle® Harps sites. GAH!!! So embarrassing!!! But you know what, I had SO MUCH FUN sharing with you all! (don’t tell Mew)

SOOOOOOOO, I want to keep sharing! I love contributing more and more to the Rees Harps Team, and I think keeping you filled-in on all the behind-the-scenes stuff would be a GREAT use of my expertise. Did you know that every so often Melissa brings a CHICKEN to work!?! I know! It’s amazing. Anyway, in my opinion, those are the kinds of things that no one ever hears about unless they are actually in the building on a “chicken day.” It seems to me that those are the best stories about my friends at Rees Harps. Don’t you?

Anyway, I’m super excited to add Blogger to my list of job titles (including being the BEST service dog ever – and that is a high bar!). Keep in touch!