"Vacation" Concerns

I have concerns. I’m not what one might call “nervous” because we golden doodles “have concerns.” It comes from our golden retriever side. Anywho, I have concerns about something and I need to get it off my tummy. (As a side note, if you scratch my tummy for me, I’d pay you in infinite kisses! Just don’t tell William since kisses are a no-no for service dogs-in-training like myself!) Recently, William and Pamela have been getting things in order for this thing they are calling a “vacation.” I don’t know what that is but it has the word “C-A-T” in it so I have concerns that Mew is up to something again. Maybe Mew is trying to play another trick on me!?!? Gosh, I hope not…. Anyway, as the official Enthusiasm Coordinate at Rees Harps, I am generally very positive and excited about EVERYTHING, but this is really really starting to get me concerned.

Sadie and Ellie 1.jpeg

You see, my friend Sadie told me that her pack leader took a “vacation” recently and while her pack leader was on this “vacation” Sadie had to stay at a kennel. Sadie was telling me that she had to stay in a pen. There were other dogs in nearby pens too. At least she was not alone and she did get to make a lot of new dog friends. There were new people friends too and Sadie got to run around outside and play a lot. Honestly, that almost sounds fun! It’s just that the whole kennel thing just sounds really scary to me. William hasn’t mentioned anything about a kennel yet, so I’m just hoping that I won’t have to go to one but, well, I have concerns….

William took me to get my coat trimmed last week (I love, love, love getting a trim! Who doesn’t like being pampered!?!?) and mentioned that less “sand” will get caught in my coat while were at the “beach”. What does THAT even mean?? “Sand” “Beach”?? “Vacation”?? I just can’t handle it anymore… HELP!!!

Oh, and another thing. I was super excited to meet Santa this past weekend (like, super duper jump up and down rotary-tail excited). But then we all FORGOT!! Gah!! Now I have to keep watch of his hat for another week. Don’t worry, big man. I’m keeping a close eye on your hat for you.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated on anything that I learn about this whole “vacation” situation. If you have any clues, let me know. Maybe we can all figure it out together?.