I am happy to report that Santa's hat has successfully been returned to the "big man in red", as I'm told he is called.

I got to meet Santa this weekend, and while I didn't know what to expect, I'm really really glad that I finally met him! Though, I didn't quite feel like myself when I was there. This whole "vacation" thing has me all out of sorts. I'm nervous and shy and scared of everything because of it! I also haven't heard anything about the "kennel" thing, so who knows if that is real...

So basically, I'm not quite myself right now and when I finally got to meet Santa this past Saturday I was a bit nervous (you know, like when the pack leader leaves the house and you have NO IDEA how long he will be gone for and you start to worry and pace and think he's never coming back but you think he might come back after a nap so you lay on your bed but then get thirsty being so worried so you get up for some water and then after he was gone for a whole 3 minutes he comes back with a new toy! I love when he gets me new toys! Wait... what was I talking about again?? umm.. nerves... oh yeah! Santa!) I had built him up so much in my mind and there he was, hat and all.

Santa is red. VERY Red. And very big! He really is a big, red, jolly man like everyone had told me! I don't think I've ever seen so much red in my whole nine months!! I also got to meet Mrs. Claus (who I REALLY liked) and the elves who were sweet though not quite as small as I had expected.

There is one thing I don't quite understand. Have you heard about this whole flying reindeer deal? I have yet to personally meet a reindeer and, I'll admit that the deer I have seen while out walking with William can bound really high but I'm a pretty good bounder myself and there's no way I could bound from roof to roof, much less fly around the world! Far be it for me to be skeptical, since this is my first Christmas and all, but the "flying" thing seems a bit sketchy to me.

I did tell Santa what I wanted most for Christmas, which was to be with William every minute of every day. I didn't specifically mention the kennel thing but I think he can figure it out. I do hope all of you get to spend time with those you love most during the holiday season. That's really the most important thing, isn't it?