Christmas Vacation - Part 1

Exploring the beach

Remember how worried I was for the last few weeks? In case you forgot, you can read all about it in my earlier blog posts. The short story: William and Pamela were talking about a "vacation" and the "beach". I had no idea what these were and was sooo afraid I would have to stay at the "kennel" like my friend Sadie warned me about.

But GUYS!!! This vacation thing is AMAZING!!!!! There is no "kennel" here and the beach is so cool!!!

It all started a few days ago with a ride in the car. A very LONG ride in the car. And when we got out, it was a bit warmer and there was a faint smell of fish, so I KNEW we were somewhere I had never been before.

When William took me to the beach, I was a little nervous at first. The ground felt really funny in my paws and there were things hiding in it. But then I found some big shells and pieces of driftwood that I just had to play with. Did you know this beach thing also has a lot of water? It is like the ground just stops and turns into the biggest dog pool ever! The water gave me a bit of a concern initially because of the foam, but I got over that pretty quickly.

Playing with Moxy

I've made a lot of new friends already. There are other dogs going for walks along the beach with their pack leaders and I try to play with each of them as they go by. I got to play with one dog in particular, Moxy. We ran on the beach, wrestled, and even went for a little swim.

Then there was the dolphin that was really close to me. I didn't get a chance to explore what it is and if it is friendly (Pamela told me I would like swimming with them) because Moxy showed up to play, but I hope they will come back so I can see what this whole "swimming with the dolphins" thing is all about.

Anyway, I'm really tired from running and swimming and playing all day long! I really wanted you to be a part of this trip too, so I had William take some pictures and videos for you. Take a look!

PS - there is still a lot more about this trip that I want to tell you about (Christmas and a trip to the airport!). Check back in next week to hear about it all!

Running in the ocean