Speedy Squeak Queen

It’s quiet here. NAMM is this week, which means Melissa, Garen, Ashley, Pamela, and Melissa (yes… we have TWO Melissa’s here!) are all in sunny and warm California (blech… I’ll take my cold snow, thank you very much!) Without them here, the lutherie is much quieter and calmer. I’m working hard to change this though!

Earlier this week, I decided I needed to pick a toy to bring to the shop. This couldn’t be any old toy. Your standard tennis ball or braided rope just wouldn’t cut it. For this, I enlisted William’s help. We went through all of my toys at home until I found the perfect one (though, I’m pretty sure he thought we were just playing). Suddenly, William picked a toy and squeaked it. Immediately it caught my attention (who doesn’t love that glorious SQUEAK!! of a dog toy? Am I right?) He tossed it for me so I could test it. It was the perfect toy to bring the noise level back up at the shop. It was squeaky and squawky and loud! Simply perfect. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think! William started calling me the Speedy Squeak Queen. I think that is a well-deserved title for such an EC (Enthusiasm Coordinator) as myself.

I miss Pamela and crew already, but they left the rest of the team in good hands. I will make sure everyone stays peppy and enthusiastic while the travelers are away at NAMM. And I’m REALLY excited to see Lyrika’s event on Friday!! Aren’t you? I know where I’ll be at 2:00pm est on Friday. Melissa will live stream it for you. I hope you’ll join me!