Mew Hack #2

Bai Yun-icorn (White Cloud-icorn), Ellie’s new pega-panda-corn.

Bai Yun-icorn (White Cloud-icorn), Ellie’s new pega-panda-corn.

That silly dog left her blog open again. And not only did she leave it open, but she didn’t click “SAVE” so I destroyed her blog this week! Bwhahahaha! Things get fun when I’m in charge.

It’s been quiet around the lutherie. Melissa, Garen, Pamela, Ashley, and Melissa were all in California at NAMM. Some of them got stuck in a place called “Denver” because the weather had airports closed in the Midwest. Other members of the staff were out sick. That left me with the whole office to myself It. Is. Wonderful. (I do think it behoves Garen to get back here immediately. He always knows how to get me to purr. I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing leaving like this!)

Back to the blog - I’m not really sure why everyone loves Ellie so much. She’s annoyingly cheery and jumpy and happy. Gross. She is just the perfect little pooch and everyone gets giddy around her. Blech!

And do you know what is more? Pamela brought back a new toy for Ellie from California. She didn’t bring me anything! Maybe I’d like an adorable pega-panda-corn to snuggle with. I wouldn’t, but that is not the point! At least I can get back at Ellie by taking over her blog. So there!