Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day – a whole new and wonderful experience for me. Seriously, all of these holidays are really cool and fun! I can’t wait to experience them all again!! Halloween, everyone dressed up in fun costumes at work and kids came to our house – I wanted to say hi to each and every one of them but William told me I had to be a good Service Dog-In-Training. Then there was Thanksgiving and oh the special dinner was deliciously paired with the National Dog Show!! What a treat. And Christmas. I could go on and on about how much I LOVED Christmas and getting to meet Santa and going to the ocean and chasing the waves and seagulls and getting presents…. And then yesterday was a day when I could just love up on EVERYBODY!!! I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love when I love up on them. When I get to show my friends how much I love them and how excited I am to see them, I do it really well and enthusiastically (that is my job, after all!)


To show everyone how much I love them, I had an incredible idea. For this, I needed Melissa to help me. Now, I can’t just give a “love-nudge” to everyone. That wouldn’t be special enough for such a special love-sharing day. Nope. This needed to be big and grand and extra special. I needed to do something that would make everyone want to come back for more kisses (they always do, right? Who doesn’t love dog kisses!)

Melissa and I got to work. She is crafty and talented (not to mention her opposable thumbs, which would certainly come in handy for this project), so I acted as Project Valentines Day Coordinator while she did all the hard work constructing.

When it was done, I was so excited and happy I could hardly contain myself! Everyone really loved all the extra kisses they got :-*

What a GREAT day <3