Green Water, Therapy, & Prizes!

Me in my St. Patrick’s Day bandana.

Me in my St. Patrick’s Day bandana.

This weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ll be honest with you…I don’t understand It. Don’t get me wrong, I love Irish citizens and their descendents who immigrated to the US (I love everyone so this isn’t a hard one for me.) I also really like the music, or at least the jigs and reels because those are the music version of enthusiasm and as an Enthusiasm Coordinator I am naturally biased. What I don’t understand is the green beer. There was some discussion about making my water green for the day but when I found out that it might color my tongue, I seized that immediately. I’m very fond of my pink tongue. Apparently, there is also supposed to be pinching but that just seems mean so I think I can safely take the anti-pinch side. My family agrees. So, it is a holiday where people drink green beer and pinch each other… I just don’t understand! Thank goodness for the music.

From the Great Lakes Region Music Therapy Conference, 2019. Harps featured: Rees Mariposa and Rees Shaylee Harps.

Some interesting things did happen here this week. Sadly, I was not allowed to participate but I did hear all about it. Pamela, Melissa, Melissa (yes, we have two) and Garen all attended the Great Lakes Region Music Therapy Conference in Cincinnati. They met all kinds of wonderful people and the harps in our booth got a real work-out. William told me that Music Therapy has been growing quickly for the last 2 decades. That seems like a REALLY long time to me! But I’m one now, so that’s exciting!! I think it is really really great that people are using music to help others feel better. While there, Pamela, Melissa, Melissa, and Garen all met some really exciting and interesting people who had a really great time playing our harps. There is some video at the end of the blog I think you will enjoy…

OH! Pamela, Melissa, and Melissa all wanted me to remind you - if you own a Rees Concert Line Harp you really should consider entering the Rees Harps Picture Perfect Photo (& Video) Contest. The prizes are terrific and there haven’t been a ton of entries yet so you have a pretty good chance! The contest ends on 31 March so get your entry in soon!