I’m ONE!!

Obviously the big news is that I’m ONE!!! My pack leader, William, says I’m well into my “duppy” phase now and he keeps hoping that I’m more on the dog side of that then the puppy side. I think puppies have more fun…but maybe that’s just me. We decided to have a double birthday bash with my best friend Sadie because nobody knows her birthday. It was really fun sharing my special day with my best friend!! It was also special because Sadie’s person brought some really tasty soup bones and I have been enjoying them ever since.

The other big birthday event was that I got to see my mom for the first time since I “left the basket.” I was AMAZED. She is so much smaller than I remember, but she’s still just as beautiful and I loved getting to see her again. I also found out that I have eight new half brothers and sisters. They are just nine days old. My mom is just incredible.

One of my sisters, Primrose, was there too. She did not remember me, which made me a little sad, but I guess I have changed a lot since we last met. I hope things go better the next time I see her. I did find out a bit about some of my other siblings. One of them, the one my pack leader almost chose, ended-up being a lot smaller than me. My pack leader says he is sure she is pretty but he is glad we are together. He likes me just the way I am and that is always good to know.

You know what is really cool? I found out I got the white spot on my tail from my mom!! I had never noticed her spot but sure enough, when I looked, there it was! I like knowing my spot came from her, it’s like a little piece of her is always with me.

I made a slideshow of meeting my mom. It was such a wonderful day!

Ellie says “good-bye” to Owen.

Ellie says “good-bye” to Owen.

Something else happened this week and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it. My bunny buddy Owen has been staying with us because Pamela was fostering him for the local chapter of the House Rabbit Society and this last weekend, he was carried downstairs to meet some people and guess what!?! He LEFT with them!!! Pamela says he is going to a really fabulous Forever Home but I will miss him terribly. I hope he knows how much I will miss him and how much I loved watching him. Owen is a great little guy and I’m really excited for him.

Pamela told me to tell you to remember to enter the Rees Harps Picture Perfect Photo (&Video) Contest. I would if I could! I really want to win a Special Edition Fullsicle™️ Harp, but William won’t let me touch any of the harps. They also said even if I could touch the harps, I can’t win because I work with Rees Harps and that wouldn’t be fair. I am loving all the pictures I’m seeing so far though!! I can’t wait to see more (especially pictures with my friends in them!)