Upgraded Bass Strings Set

Upgraded Bass Strings Set


Note: strings sets are all custom made, by hand, by a small, quality, US-based company. Occasionally, they get busy and our string orders are delayed. Be sure to order your Upgraded Bass Strings several weeks before you need them.

Adding four wound strings to the bass on your Harpsicle® brand Harp dramatically improves the performance of the harp in the bass range. With these added strings, your little harp sounds so much bigger! This upgrade is available for the following models: Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, Fullsicle™ and the Special Edition Fullsicle® Harp. In order to use the Upgraded String Set, your harp must have been made in 2012 or later and have the four larger eyelets on the bottom string holes through the soundboard.

For information on how to put on a new string, see Changing a String.

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