Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic Tuner


The Snark Super Tight Chromatic Tuner is an essential accessory for your harp. In fact, we recommend that if you plan to gig with this harp you have an extra one that you keep in your harp bag just so you never get caught without one.

A chromatic tuner makes it easy for anyone, even the most basic beginners, to tune a harp. Over the years we have tried so, so many tuners but we keep coming back to the Snark. It clips easily onto Harpsicle® brand harps and detects both high and low strings equally well. Simply clip the tuner to any part of the harp to pick up vibrations. We prefer clipping the tuner to the arch of the harp. You can also clip the tuner to one of the tuning pins. The back-lit display will indicate what note the string is playing and whether or not the not the note is sharp or flat. This clip tuner provides very accurate readings as it picks up the instruments vibrations rather than relying on a microphone like other tuners. This also allows you to tune your harp independent of background noise. We use these tuners everyday here at Rees Harps Inc..

Snark Tuner Features:

  • Clip-on chromatic tuner that attaches directly to your harp with padded “feet” for cable-free tuning

  • Double ball-joint allows multi-angle positioning with far greater mobility for the display section

  • Internal backlight ensures excellent visibility

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