Harpsicle® Harp Stick

Harpsicle® Harp Stick

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The Harpsicle® Harp Stick makes it more comfortable to hold your Harpsicle® brand Harp on your lap while playing. The Stick is solid wood and is quick and easy to install and to remove. If you click on the “Additional Info” tab you can watch a video which shows how convenient the Harpsicle® Stick is to use.

As with all lap harps, some folks find it difficult to keep them balanced in their laps. The Harpsicle® Harp Stick, Strap, and Adjustable Stand are all accessories that make holding your harp easy and relaxing. The Harpsicle® Harp Stick easily clamps to the inside of the lower access hole on the back of the harp, adding a horizontal bar that rests across your thighs. It will also work on most other lap harps. Available in natural wood.

If you order a Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp and you also wish to order a Stick, you may select either cherry or walnut to match your SE. (Available exclusively to SE owners.)

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