Music - Turlough O'Carolan Tunes

Music - Turlough O'Carolan Tunes


All of the music in our Harpsicle® Harp Music Sets are in the key of C or A minor. The sets of music vary in difficulty from very easy to not-quite-as-easy and all of it is intended for beginners. Experienced players will find many of these arrangements useful for therapy work and informal settings. All Harpsicle® Harps Music Sets come with the holes punched for a three ring binder so you can easily personalize your Harpsicle® Harps music collection.

Songs in this set include:

  • Eleanor Plunkett

  • Blind Mary

  • Morgan Magan

  • Lord Galway's Lamentation

  • Carolan's Farewell to Music

  • Carolan's Ramble to Cashel

  • The Clergy's Lamentation

  • Lady Gethin

  • Robert Hawkes

  • Fanny Power

  • plus 4 untitled Carolan tunes

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