WiC™ Wireless System

WiC™ Wireless System


You really can cut the cable and walk freely while playing your amplified Harpsicle® Harp. WiC™ is a high fidelity Wireless instrument Connection with sound quality that will make you forget the cable. We have tried a LOT of wireless systems but the WIC™ system truly is exceptional.

Just plug the WiC™ transmitter with the blue stripe into your instrument and plug the longer cable from the receiver with the red stripe to your amplifier, pedal, or mixing board. Setting you free is just that easy!

In the Box

  • a WiC Transmitter

  • a WiC Reciever

  • a Guitar Cable

  • an Amplifier Cable

  • two USB Charging Cables

  • one Dual USB Charger

  • one Transmitter Holster


  • 20 - 20,000 Hz

  • 20 Hour Battery Life

  • Up to 100 Foot Range  

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