911-HARP Kit - Harp Care Basics

911-HARP Kit - Harp Care Basics

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Because Murphy’s Law is real, every harper should be prepared for the day when something goes wrong. For instance:

  • a child throws an egg salad sandwich at the soundboard of your harp (this really happened to us!)

  • a string breaks 15 minutes before the concert you have ben practicing for for the last six months

  • wind blows your harp over an hour before a wedding gig and one of your sharping levers is damaged

  • one day a string begins to buzz against a lever totally out of the blue

  • a mocha latte and your harp suddenly become intimately involved

…In short, life happens and advance preparation makes all the difference. The Rees 911-HARP Kit is your insurance against Murphy. Each Kit is tailored to the model of your harp. For those with the basic Harpsicle® Harp, the 911-HARP Kit will not include lever regulation supplies but for all other models your Kit will be outfitted to support the Rees levers on your harp. Those with Sharpsicles™, Flatsicles™ or Fullsicles™ all have the same Kit type BUT, if you have the upgraded bass strings on your Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™ or Fullsicle™, go ahead and order the SE Kit.

The basic 911-HARP Kit includes:

  • a complete extra set of strings

  • a retractable duster to clean between pins & strings on the arch

  • a bottle of Harpo “No More Marks” Cleaning Spray

  • a micro fiber towel to use for cleaning

  • eyelets of appropriate sizes

  • two Rees levers (for all harps except the basic Harpsicle® Harp)

  • lever tools (for all harps except the basic Harpsicle® Harp)

    • a T6 Torx wrench (for lever fulcrum screw black)

    • a Phillips screwdriver (for lever base screws)

    • a 4mm hex driver (for threaded bridge pins, used for adjusting regulation)

  • instructions for how to regulate or change a lever

  • instructions for how to clean your harp

  • PLUS a durable nylon, high visibility bag (so you can find it quickly) with the Rees Harps and Harpsicle® Harps logo on the front.

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