Harp Cleaning Kit

Harp Cleaning Kit


A clean harp is a happy harp!  Our Harp Cleaning Kit includes a bottle of specialized cleaning spray and a micro fiber towel.  Harpo "No More Marks" Cleaning Spray is the first cleaning product exclusively developed for and tested on harps. It gently cleans and removes oil and grime build-up and has a soothing lavender scent. Harpo Harp Cleaning Spray was developed by John Clarke, an industrial chemist with more than 45 years experience, for his wife, professional harpist, Carol Thompson.

Cleaning spray directions:  

First try the product on a small, inconspicuous area on your harp or other wooden instrument. (If you have a Rees Concert Line Harp or a Rees Harpsicle® brand Harp, we have already tested the spray on our finishes so you can just go ahead to the next step.)  Spray onto the cloth provided. Do not spray directly onto the harp. Rub scratches using a gentle, circular motion.  Do not scrub hard.  After cleaning, apply a good quality furniture polish. We recommend Pledge Lemon Enhancing Polish.*

Harpo Harp Cleaning Spray is biodegradable and non-toxic. 

*Our recommendation of Pledge Enhancing Polish is not random. A number of years ago Fine Woodworking magazine conducted a review of various furniture polishes and carnauba wax polish. They determined that if you have the time, carnauba wax is always the best but it is very difficult to apply. The surprise is that after carnauba and well above everything else on the list was Pledge Enhancing Polish (which, at that time, was called “Lemon Pledge with Real Wax”). Amazingly, Pledge actually does what the advertising says it does. It picks up dirt and oil and leaves behind a thin layer of wax which, unlike carnauba, does not cloud.

For harpers, the advantage of Pledge is that trying to get carnauba wax in between all the hardware on the arch and then to get it buffed is virtually impossible but doing the same with Pledge is vastly easier. As always with any cleaner or polish, apply Pledge to a cleaning cloth and then use the cloth to apply a thin layer of polish to your harp.

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