Extra Full String Sets

Extra Full String Sets

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Note: strings sets are all custom made, by hand, by a small, quality, US-based company. Occasionally, they get busy and our string orders are delayed. Be sure to order your Extra, Full String Sets several weeks before you need them.

We strongly recommend that if you play your harp regularly you keep a complete, extra, full set of strings on hand. Harp strings rarely break but they do seem to have a special intuition about breaking at the worst possible time. These complete sets have every string clearly labeled. For detailed information on how to put on a new string go to Changing a String.

The Harpsicle set of strings is for Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, and Fullsicle™ Harps.

The string set for the Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp and includes wound bass strings for improved bass response. This string set can also be used to upgrade any Harpsicle®, Sharpsicle™, Flatsicle™, or Fullsicle™ harp built after 2012 that has large bass string eyelets. Your harp must have these 4 large eyelets in order to accomodate the larger string diameter of the wound strings.

This string sets for the Grand Harpsicle® Harp and the Brilliant! Harpsicle Harp consists of nylon monofilament, nylon wrapped, and steel strings.  

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